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If it were me, I'd go ahead and dub.

Back in '86 (if my rapidly...uh...maturing memory serves) the Television
Licensing Center was brokering off-air copying of most PBS stuff. PBS Home
Video was not in existence. Did you actually buy a pre-recorded tape, or
do you have an off-air dub? Even if you did buy it pre-recorded, my guess
is that you bought it with performance rights--most stuff sold by PBS at
that time had such rights appended.


At 05:23 PM 2/1/2005 -0500, you wrote:
> I hate to beat a dead horse but I have a few questions.
>#1 We bought a copy of 'Eyes on the Prize" in 1986 from PBS in 3/4" format. I
>don't know if we purchased public performance rights for this. Does anyone
>know of a person and telephone number of someone at PBS who knows what they
>might have been selling at PBS in '86? Did or do they sell home use rights,
>educational use, or public performance for this title?
>#2 Can I dub my 3/4" copy to VHS or DVD since our few remaining 3/4" machines
>are going bye bye and my 19 year old 3/4" masters are shedding oxide and going
>into snowstorm dropout mode like there is no tomorrow?
> These 2 questions have come about because our Student Center wants
> to play
>these tapes during Black History Month in our student lounge. So, I've got to
>find out if I have now or bought PPR in '86 and if I can dub this to a
>playable format from my deteriorating masters and disappearing functioning
>3/4" players.
> I need a little help from my friends.
> Thanks,
> Dave Ofiara
> Media Librarian
> Adirondack Community College
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