[Videolib] Eyes on the Prize again

Tue, 1 Feb 2005 17:23:20 -0500

I hate to beat a dead horse but I have a few questions.
#1 We bought a copy of 'Eyes on the Prize" in 1986 from PBS in 3/4" format. I
don't know if we purchased public performance rights for this. Does anyone
know of a person and telephone number of someone at PBS who knows what they
might have been selling at PBS in '86? Did or do they sell home use rights,
educational use, or public performance for this title?
#2 Can I dub my 3/4" copy to VHS or DVD since our few remaining 3/4" machines
are going bye bye and my 19 year old 3/4" masters are shedding oxide and going
into snowstorm dropout mode like there is no tomorrow?
These 2 questions have come about because our Student Center wants to play
these tapes during Black History Month in our student lounge. So, I've got to
find out if I have now or bought PPR in '86 and if I can dub this to a
playable format from my deteriorating masters and disappearing functioning
3/4" players.
I need a little help from my friends.

Dave Ofiara
Media Librarian
Adirondack Community College

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