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Hi all,

FWIW, here's my quick two cents on ppr paper trails: it smacks of 1984, and
I don't mean that in an Orwellian sense, I mean that in a chronological
sense. It's what I call a "16mm mentality in a DVD world." When librarians
were evaluating and purchasing their 10-20 16mm titles per year, they could
afford to play the paper trail rights game; however, librarians today are
purchasing as many as 1,000 or more titles per annum on VHS and DVD, which
makes the whole ppr paper trail notion not only quaintly antique but
downright Kafkaesque (try to imagine this scenario applied to book

Librarians buying video today are not AV nerds (no disrepect intended, I was
one)--they don't have a clue (and could absolutely care less) about rights
reversions and expired licences (and, frankly, no human--except for Jessica
Rosner) could keep up with the myriad lineages of various films/docs anyway.
Nor--and this is the point--should they. If the rights holders want to
switch distribution horses in the middle of the stream, let *them* keep the
paper trail and contact customers, not vice versa (which is the way almost
all business licenses work--ProQuest doesn't assume that *you* will contact
*them* upon expiration, they contact you).

Okay, maybe that was a nickel's worth :)



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Subject: RE: [Videolib] PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements

> Hi, Jim Scholtz here, just commenting. If you utilize a computerized
> booking system or bibliographic database with booking capabilities
> integrated into the Library's circ. system, I'd advise 2 things. First,
> create a OCLC 690 subject field, something like "Public performance rights
> videorecordings." Second, you can also add a 590 (or any 500 field) and
> put
> a note for public performance rights + date+ vendor. Third, have a
> sticker
> on the video itself that indicates PP rights. In this way, you don't have
> to keep licenses (unless they are short term) and patrons will be able to
> search for all titles with PP rights. Just check with your automation
> librarian/vendor to see what fields are searchable/can be made searchable
> and with your catalogers to see what they are "willing" to add to the OCLC
> record.
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> Subject: RE: [Videolib] PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements
> Chris,
> Please share your findings. Our library does not keep any records on
> this,
> but insists on buying the PPR rights if they are available as part of a
> package deal. I think they are throwing their money away, as there is no
> way of going back and finding out if we actually own the rights later (or
> informing our customers that we have the rights). I tried to get them to
> discuss documenting this somehow in the record, but nothing has come of it
> yet. I would prefer they just don't buy them, as we have never used them,
> but....
> mb
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> Subject: [Videolib] PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements
> Folks,
> I'd like to survey how other academic libraries keep track
> of PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements for videos, and
> whether or not you communicate this info to our borrowing
> community and how. We've been kicking around various
> scenarios and wonder if any of these would be worth staff
> time/effort:
> 1) a generic note in the bib record indicating that the
> particular title has PPRights
> 2) place a sticker either on the video or packaging
> indicating that the title had PPRights
> 3) have a link in the bib record point to a copy of the
> actual license/purchasing agreement which would be housed
> somewhere on the library's website for videos that have
> them.
> Also, I would be interested in learning how any of you keeps
> track of the various PPRs, licensing and purchasing
> agreements. Our main campus library includes an in house
> media library as well as 5 branch campuses who also house
> videos in their collections. I've begun to attach such
> documents to the invoices, but we only keep our invoices for
> 3 or so years. I wonder if it would make more sense to house
> these agreements (or copies thereof) in the circulating
> libraries.
> Any input--on or off line--would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
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