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I'd like to complement Sarah Andrews for the professional manor of
tracking PPR and licenses.
We only do licensing here, in my dept.
We have hundreds of licenses and permissions to keep track of.
Therefore, we have a similar organization to Sarah. Keeping in
mind that in Canada, we must always have PPR for classroom use,
you can see why we have so many licenses.

First we file licenses by distributor that we purchased the rights from.
Then by title of the program.
We do not make the license publicly viewable as there is a confidentiality
clause in our agreements, and they include the price.

In the bib. record, we use the MARC 506 and 540 to indicate
rights. We standardize the restrictions by prefacing each phrase
with, Restrictions:
for further explanation.

In the case of feature films, which almost never come with PPR,
we negotiate a blanket license to cover most, but certainly not all
of the film studios. Since the physical item is so blatant about "home use",
most of our institutions do put a label on the item stating that it is licensed
for public performance on campus.
Also, the bib. record will repeat this information.

For those who are picking and choosing which programs they get
PPR for, I strongly recommend that files be kept showing the rights
that were purchased. This will come back to haunt you if you don't do it.

Hope this helps,

At 09:39 AM 2005-02-01, you wrote:

>I just put in a proposal to do a poster session at ALA about what we do
>at University of Iowa. It is a system that I developed and am still
>1. We (Acquisitions) save every license agreement for videos, including
>ones that appear on invoices. These are scanned as PDF files, and
>saved. Our filing convention is to save in a folder named by who the
>agreement is with (usually the distributor name), and then by individual
>2. We send a copy of all license agreements with the physical piece to
>be folded up and put in the box if it arrives as a separate piece of
>paper. These often get lost, but staff have used them when faculty
>complain about restrictive use.
>3. We (Acquisitions staff) add 540s to the bibliographic records to
>indicate when we have public performance rights. We also use 540s to
>indicate restricted access if necessary. Here are some examples of the
>types of notes we use:
>540 |a Restricted access: may only be used by University of Iowa
>faculty, staff, students, or library card-holders. |5 IaU
>540 |a Includes public performance rights |d IaU
>4. The 540 field is keyword searchable in our catalog, so if you search
>for the phrase "public performance rights" you can find a list of what
>we have available in our collection. Here is a direct link to our
>catalog if you want to see what we do:
>5. In the future, I'd like to link the scanned license agreement to the
>bibliographic record, but we're not there yet.
>Sarah Andrews
>University of Iowa Libraries
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>Subject: [Videolib] PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements
>I'd like to survey how other academic libraries keep track
>of PPRs/licensing/purchasing agreements for videos, and
>whether or not you communicate this info to our borrowing
>community and how. We've been kicking around various
>scenarios and wonder if any of these would be worth staff
>1) a generic note in the bib record indicating that the
>particular title has PPRights
>2) place a sticker either on the video or packaging
>indicating that the title had PPRights
>3) have a link in the bib record point to a copy of the
>actual license/purchasing agreement which would be housed
>somewhere on the library's website for videos that have
>Also, I would be interested in learning how any of you keeps
>track of the various PPRs, licensing and purchasing
>agreements. Our main campus library includes an in house
>media library as well as 5 branch campuses who also house
>videos in their collections. I've begun to attach such
>documents to the invoices, but we only keep our invoices for
>3 or so years. I wonder if it would make more sense to house
>these agreements (or copies thereof) in the circulating
>Any input--on or off line--would be greatly appreciated.
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