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Similar to what LeeAnne wrote, how about any of the war movies where
there seems to be a group of guys--usually, one from Brooklyn or New
York, the country boy, the abused one, etc.?

Saving Private Ryan
Hamburger Hill
Full Metal Jacket
The Thin Red Line

Any "camp-like" movies

Just to name a few...


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The Dirty Dozen?

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Hello all,

I have a college professor who is looking for movies she can show
students in her communications class that have "a diverse group of
individuals where some members have interpersonal conflict." The movie
she has been showing is "Renaissance Man" (1994) with Danny DeVito. I'm
having a hard time coming up with anything, but I thought I'd throw it
out there to see if anything leaped to mind - any suggestions welcome!

Thank you,


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