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> I actually find it puzzling that the Disney sales people haven't thought
> to market "Song of the South" in an educational package -- with a study
> guide and readings about racism, encouraging discussion about the
> portrayal of blacks in film and television (a la "Ethnic Notions").
> Seriously, wouldn't that meet the corporate desire to make money and to
> not be seen as insensitive?
> Barb
They are too afraid. There are too many people who would jump down their
throat and make them look bad. People would insist that the dvd be on some
kind of restricted use or pulled from shelves. Pressure would be put on
chains not to buy it. It would only be a tiny minority but Disney just does
not want to deal with this . They released is legally in the UK on VHS (
PAL) and Japan on DVD and these LEGAL copies fetch a HIGH price. Disney DOES
aggressively police illegal copies on eBay.

Remember when WB had to pull their WW2 shorts because of Asian stereotypes?

Big studios would just rather not have the headache.


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