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We should not make copies "just in case." It is just not supported by the
law. That is why we need to have a process though which to request copies
from other libraries. No one that I know of has actually used 108 (c)
[except for transferring copies from obsolete formats] to this point, which
is a shame. Having a clear process and an agreement among libraries to
supply one another with copies if the process is followed and the
requirements for 108 (c) are met, will enable libraries to do this.


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"Just in case" is just itching for litigation...

I think invoking the graces of Section 108 needs to be done on a case by
case basis at the time it is determined that a) a piece is at risk of
falling apart or becoming unplayable because of techno-obsolescence and b)
it can't be got through fair market purchase.

If one were to make copies in anticipation of a title going OP, we'd all
have to copy everything we own that's distributed by PBS (that's only a
partial joke...)


At 11:35 AM 1/27/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok, so if my predecessor was not foresightful enough to know that an item
>was going to go out of print for who-knows-how-long (if not forever) to
>a copy, I have no recourse? Am I to assume, then, that I *should* be making
>archival/replacement copies of everything we own, just in case? That seems
>to be a rather bizarre demand to make of any budget-stressed organization.
>Conversely, if I am allowed to make a copy from another institution's copy,
>how is this download any different, since presumably this is a digitization
>of an analog signal and therefore not an exact replication of an original
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>I don't even want to touch who gets to decide why EYES ON THE PRIZE is more
>but to the last point. Downloading of a copyrighted work without permission
>is illegal PERIOD. According to the group( with the occasional dissenter)
>you can make a VHS copy from another LEGAL VHS copy IF you owned a copy
>it is not lost stolen or damaged.
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