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Mike Tribby (
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:45:17 -0600

>From Jessica:
> However if this group is so convinced that copyright should NOT prevent
important films from being available
> for both public & private use they ought to be willing to show SONG OF THE

>From Art (who may or may not work in a library, it's hard for me to tell
from his sig or address) (not that I'm questioning Art's legitimacy in this
forum, it's just nice to have some perpective as to point of view):
>Why in God's name would anyone want to see that racist crap? How
disingenuous of you to suggest that the >>>>greatest American story ever
told is comparable to what was effectively a legacy narrative of "The Birth
of a >>Nation."

What about Huckleberry Finn, Art? Song of the South and Birth of a Nation
are indeed both racist portrayals, as is Triumph of the Will. Should they
never be shown? What about Intolerance? And if you exhibit Intolerance but
not Birth of a Nation, how do you explain Griffith's motivation? Where do
we draw the line? Shades of the Charlie Chan debate! Covering up racism
and other foibles from the past doesn't make them go away. In fact it might
be argued that forgetting or locking away the sins of the past makes them
more likely to recur.

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