[Videolib] Eyes on the Prize

Eileen Karsten (karsten@lakeforest.edu)
Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:24:45 -0600

I find these arguments totally amazing. When _Eyes on the Prize_ was
created, the filmmakers assumed that their work was protected by
copyright law. They negotiated the rights to certain pieces of film,
etc. from the *owners* for a certain period of time. The owners of this
material assumed that their rights were protected by law.

Now we are saying that because they put their work in the public
marketplace, they now lose all control over it. The general public gets
to decide what happens to their property. I hope this concept does not
spread to other areas of our lives. I hate to think that I would lose
control of my property because I showed it in public.

Eileen Karsten
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