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"Just in case" is just itching for litigation...

I think invoking the graces of Section 108 needs to be done on a case by
case basis at the time it is determined that a) a piece is at risk of
falling apart or becoming unplayable because of techno-obsolescence and b)
it can't be got through fair market purchase.

If one were to make copies in anticipation of a title going OP, we'd all
have to copy everything we own that's distributed by PBS (that's only a
partial joke...)


At 11:35 AM 1/27/2005 -0800, you wrote:
>Ok, so if my predecessor was not foresightful enough to know that an item
>was going to go out of print for who-knows-how-long (if not forever) to make
>a copy, I have no recourse? Am I to assume, then, that I *should* be making
>archival/replacement copies of everything we own, just in case? That seems
>to be a rather bizarre demand to make of any budget-stressed organization.
>Conversely, if I am allowed to make a copy from another institution's copy,
>how is this download any different, since presumably this is a digitization
>of an analog signal and therefore not an exact replication of an original
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>I don't even want to touch who gets to decide why EYES ON THE PRIZE is more
>but to the last point. Downloading of a copyrighted work without permission
>is illegal PERIOD. According to the group( with the occasional dissenter)
>you can make a VHS copy from another LEGAL VHS copy IF you owned a copy and
>it is not lost stolen or damaged.
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