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No according to your colleagues you can make a VHS dub of another legal VHS
copyThe download suggested in this case is totally illegal so of course you
can not copy it , nor can you get it in another format. You ONLY get to
make VHS to VHS ( or DVD to DVD), you DO NOT GET to upgrade or change

You guys see what I mean by slippery slope?

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> Ok, so if my predecessor was not foresightful enough to know that an item
> was going to go out of print for who-knows-how-long (if not forever) to make
> a copy, I have no recourse? Am I to assume, then, that I *should* be making
> archival/replacement copies of everything we own, just in case? That seems
> to be a rather bizarre demand to make of any budget-stressed organization.
> Conversely, if I am allowed to make a copy from another institution's copy,
> how is this download any different, since presumably this is a digitization
> of an analog signal and therefore not an exact replication of an original
> "master"?
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> I don't even want to touch who gets to decide why EYES ON THE PRIZE is more
> but to the last point. Downloading of a copyrighted work without permission
> is illegal PERIOD. According to the group( with the occasional dissenter)
> you can make a VHS copy from another LEGAL VHS copy IF you owned a copy and
> it is not lost stolen or damaged.
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