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Hi I'd just like to reply about the Mitchell on-Demand stuff as a public
library director - especially comparing it to other automotive repair
databases and print material. We purchased the service two years ago and
tried it for one year. Most of our patrons are "weekend-warrior" garage
mechanics and many times, when you are under a vehicle, diagnoising a
problem, the problem expands into another area - (e.g. first you think it's
the transmission, but it turns out to be a problem in the linkage area
(connecting the engine to the tranny). Also, when you are under the
vehicle, you can't get to the library to get another book/sheet of paper so
a book is much better.

Several issues as described above appear, making the Mitchell1 databases not
as attractive or as efficient as first thought: 1) Mitchell only made the
database available on IP specific PCs - not available to all library patrons
through barcode recognition (meaning that a patron would have to come into
the library to use - can't use at home via library barcode (this may have
changed by now, but I'm sure it is more expensive); 2) information is broken
down into areas - engine performance, engine mechanics, wiring, etc. - if
the searcher doesn't know where to look or find the right terminology to
search under, no results will display - as opposed to serendipitous searches
in books which yield something; 3) the diagrams are often very small and
nondescriptive - printing on larger 11x20 " paper helps; 4) searching is
very specific and garage mechanics are not - therefore a single repair may
require multiple trips to the library to consult the database where a single
book can be circulated cover the entire range of those repairs.

So because of the above problems, we decided to go with the paper copy (as
long as available) and the CD-ROMs. Hope this information helps.

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"Mitchell-On-Demand" is another source you may want to take a look at.

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Producers to check for automobile repair:

Bergwall (older ones now distributed by Nelson Thomson Delmar) Coastal
Meridian (now owned by Films Media Group) I-Car

Good luck,

At 02:31 PM 2005-01-25, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Does anyone have any suggestions for distributor/titles on the subject
>of automobile repairs? We have found very general titles, but are
>looking for more in-depth programs on brake repair, transmissions, etc.
>Any help is appreciated!
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