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Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:21:41 -0500

I don't even want to touch who gets to decide why EYES ON THE PRIZE is more
but to the last point. Downloading of a copyrighted work without permission
is illegal PERIOD. According to the group( with the occasional dissenter)
you can make a VHS copy from another LEGAL VHS copy IF you owned a copy and
it is not lost stolen or damaged.

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> In reaction to Jessica's piece, I would argue that "Eyes on the Prize" might
> indeed be of such special social significance as to merit special treatment
> along these lines. (Comparing it to "Song of the South" is both cruel and
> ironic, of course.) A work so universally lauded is exactly the kind of film
> we need to take a stand for, regardless of the justification cited by the
> provider. Whether the provider wants to claim it or not, downolading "Eyes"
> should be viewed as an act of civil disobedience by those who believe (as I
> obviously do) that the copyright laws are out of whack. In addition, since
> my library already owned a copy of it, couldn't I also make the claim that I
> am making a legitimate (according to most of the participants of the latest
> thread) replacement/archival copy from our deteriorating/stolen tapes
> anyway?
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