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I think that Michael's idea is a good one to pursue.

I'm not myself a member of ALA. But I am involved with CCUMC
(Consortium of College & University Media Centers), and would
be interested in proposing that this organization collaborate
in establishing guidelines and publicizing them for the
purpose of exercising 17 USC 108(c) in a practical and
responsible fashion. We have many members who are involved
with media collections--some of them not associated with a
library--as well as a Collection Development Interest Group,
and a Government Regulations & Public Policy Committee
concerned with copyright.

While I'm in no position to make a committment or even speak
for others yet, I think there would be interest in this task.

(deg, Troy, what do you both think?)

The separate announcement on videolib about "Eyes on the
Prize" and upcoming public screenings despite rights
problems, I think points up the need for our profession to
exercise the rights we have to keep important cultural
materials in use for education and dialogue. The task at hand
for us doesn't do anything for public screenings of a work
like "Eyes"--but, despite its currently insurmountable
copyright complications, exercising our rights to keep it in
constant view, in educational settings, is a kind of tonic
act of defiance until the law changes and wakes to the
purpose it was meant for.

When I say this, of course, I'm using "Eyes" as a provisional
example--assuming, until further investigation, it might meet
the test of no longer being available in unused copies at a
reasonable price.

But it's the principle that applies to any relevant work
that's important here. We should make exercising 108(c) as
easy as possible for all of us: "work smarter, not harder."
Not just for the benefit of the profession and users we
serve. But also because we might raise copyright awareness
generally, and provoke better legislation in unexpected ways.


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>I am wondering if it might be a good idea to create a task
force (perhaps as
>an offshoot of the ALA or ACRL groups, but not necessarily)
to look at this
>Things we might think about doing could be:
>1. Come up with guidelines or provide some clarification
around this issue
>2. Agree on a process through which libraries could acquire
copies of
>damaged, deteriorating, lost or stolen media (or create some
sort of loose
>consortium of libraries that would be willing to work
together on this
>within certain parameters).
>I think it will be important to look closely at the law, but
also to
>carefully consider the concerns of creators and
>What do others think? What would the proper forum for this
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