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Hi Barb, Playing CDs over a PA system in a public building or a private
business is definitely a "no, no" because it is a public performance. ASCAP
and BMI secure licenses for such play and their are services that offer
public performance music. Radio stations, however, can be played over a PA
with no licensing - the radio station actually pays for access to such music
and gets paid by the music studios to play new music. No different than
showing a video/DVD in the library or a business - you need public
performance rights.
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Dear Videofolk,

This question is slightly off-topic but I wondered if anyone has any
experience or knowledge about possible copyright issues in this particular
situation. One of our public libraries sent me this query:

"I was curious if any violations are breached if we play music via cd player
in the library. Are copyright laws broken if music is playing for the
public? "

What would you folks say??


Barbara Rhodes
Media Consultant
Northeast Texas Library System
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