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Hello, Will Meredith,

Bullfrog Films offers several titles in the area of political or ethnic
conflict resolution. Check our web site for full descriptions of the

Whose Home on the Range?
The peace process between environmentalists, ranchers, and the US Forest
Service in the toughest county in the West.

Where Truth Lies (Triumph Over Terror series)

Kosovo: Rebuilding the Dream (Life 3 series)

Bullfrog Films is US distributor for four animated short films on
conflict resolution, produced by the National Film Board of Canada:
Bully Dance
Dinner for Two
Elbow Room
When the Dust Settles

Contact Elizabeth Stanley for more information.

Bullfrog Films
Oley PA 19547

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I am looking for videos that deal with political or ethnic conflict and
how that conflict was resolved through negotiation or mediation. I have
no specific title(s) in mind here, I am fishing.

The nature of the conflict should be clearly be explained, followed by
the way that both sides were able to negotiate across their differences
to a positive conclusion. If an outside force like the UN helped in this
process, then so much the better. The more current the scenario, the

I have spent more time than I can justify on this search, and must now
call upon your impressive collective knowledge.

Will Meredith

Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Rd.
Victoria, B.C. Canada V9B 5Y2
(250) 391 2600 ext 4433

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