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oops "specifically NOT the owners...."

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I don't. The collectors' markup has nothing to do with the 'reasonable
price' of the original as published and widely distributed. They are
speculators profiting under the umbrella of copyright that makes the item
rare. That is ok but the market for rare items is not regulated by
copyright nor does it have any impact on it. They are specifically the
owners protected by copyright or the library exception. Even the copyright
owner is not allowed protection for that kind (rare item) of markup...that's
why the statute says what it says.

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When referring to an unused copy, we assume it is one still in its
original packing. I recently had to track down an out-of-print video.
I found an brand new one, never opened for four times its original cost
through an out-of-print dealer. So, some of those copies on ebay and
other such places are unused. I think they have to be taken into

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