[Videolib] Videos on Ethno-political conflict

Will Meredith (Will.Meredith@RoyalRoads.ca)
Tue, 25 Jan 2005 19:03:45 -0800

I am looking for videos that deal with political or ethnic conflict and how
that conflict was resolved through negotiation or mediation. I have no
specific title(s) in mind here, I am fishing.

The nature of the conflict should be clearly be explained, followed by the
way that both sides were able to negotiate across their differences to a
positive conclusion. If an outside force like the UN helped in this process,
then so much the better. The more current the scenario, the better.

I have spent more time than I can justify on this search, and must now call
upon your impressive collective knowledge.

Will Meredith

Royal Roads University
2005 Sooke Rd.
Victoria, B.C. Canada V9B 5Y2
(250) 391 2600 ext 4433

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