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18 Jan 2005 20:05:15 -0000

How about Midnight Cowboy?

Trivia from IMDB:

- The only X-rated film
ever to win a Best Picture Oscar.

- The film was rated X upon its original
release in 1969, but the unrestricted use of that rating by pornographic filmmakers
caused the rating to quickly become associated with hardcore films. Because
of the stigma that developed around the X rating in the ratings system's early
years (many theaters refused to run X films, and many newspapers would not
run ads for them), the film was given a new R rating in 1971, without having
anything changed or removed.

- This was the first film to have been released
with an X rating to be shown on prime time network television. The film's
rating had been changed to R by the time of the film's television premiere.

- The only X rated movie shown to a US President while in office.

Mike in Wisconsin

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> On a related note, for this year's Banned Books Week, the Video Round
Table will be creating an attractive banned/challenged/censored film handout.
It will be made available on the VRT web site. We are in the information gathering
stage of development. Does anyone have suggestions for titles that should
> Thank you,
> ~Cecilia

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