[Videolib] RE: Films on Bosnia and Kosovo

Christie George (cgeorge@WMM.com)
Wed, 12 Jan 2005 11:56:06 -0500

Just wanted to chime in on this thread and note a couple of New Releases
from Women Make Movies:

PICTURE ME AN ENEMY http://wmm.com/catalog/pages/c635.htm
Told through the intimate stories of Natasa, a Serbo-Croat, and Tahija,
a Bosnian Muslim, Picture Me an Enemy puts a human face on the wars in
the former Yugoslavia. Though they are from opposite sides of the
conflict, these young women speak a common truth about how those in
power used religion, ethnicity and nationality to construct the "enemy."

THE PEACEKEEPERS AND THE WOMEN http://wmm.com/catalog/pages/c647.htm
Winner of the Arte-Documentary Award for Best German Documentary, this
chilling investigation examines the booming sex-trafficking industry in
Bosnia and Kosovo, which preys on from villages in Moldova, the Ukraine
and Romania, and explores the disturbing role of the U.N., international
peacekeeping forces and the local military in perpetuating this tragic


Christie George
Educational Marketing Manager
Women Make Movies

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