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I don't know how current they are, but Robert Rimmer (of Harrad Experiment
fame) had a series of X-rated videotape guides that were quite
comprehensive. I haven't seen any of them past number 4 or 5, which covered
the genre through the '90s, but if Rimmer and his co-author Patrick Riley
kept the series going, they might be just what the cataloger ordered. The
first one was titled: The Adult X-rated Videotape Guide, and subsequent
volumes were titled: X-Rated Videotape Guide.

Amazon shows a listing for X-Rated Videotape Guide VI, from 1996, with just
Riley listed as an author. If they have kept the organization of the books
consistent, VI will not have listings for older smut blockbusters like
Behind the Green Door or New Wave Hookers (other than the perhaps inevitable
New Wave Hookers XXIV or whatever, that is...)

For even more about this subject, one might profitably check the forthcoming
book The Other Hollywood : the Uncensored Oral History of the Porn Film
Industry / by Legs McNeil, Jennifer Osborne, and Peter Pavia. The February
Booklist will have a review by a uniquely qualified information scientist.

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Sanford Berman, the retired cataloger, asked me if I could find a
high-quality reference book on current porno films. I myself have seen some
films, but never a published guide. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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