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Dear Jim,

the first title mentioned is identical with the video available from under the title:
Line of Fire : Balaclava 1854
Written by Bob Carruthers
Narrated by Mike Leighton
Editors Kirk Britten and Matthew Hale
Producer Lara Lowe
60 minutes
History Channel, 9 April 2000
Experience the Battle of Balaclava from Lord Raglan’s position and
discover what Lucan was able to see from his point of view on the valley
floor. Taken from the hugely-popular television series “Line of Fire”,
this programme harnesses state of the art computer technology to
explore, explain and bring new perspectives to one of the major battles
of the Crimean War. Featuring specially treated recreations, “Balaclava”
also includes authoritative comment and analysis by leading military
historians from the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

About 'Line of Fire' Line of Fire is history with a difference. For the
first time the great battlefields of the world are presented in a unique
animated environment, providing new insights into military history's
most compelling events. Each powerful episode combines unrivalled
graphics with atmospheric recreations to analyse every facet of famous
battles from medieval times to the Second World War.


"Delin, Peter" schrieb:
> Dear Jim,
> last year we have bought a DVD on this subject in the UK:
> Balaclava 1854 - The charge of the light brigade
> published in 2004 on DVD, originally made in 1993.
> Region code 0, probably PAL?
> The story of the Battle of Balaclava includes three of the most famous
> acts of military history. The heroic courage of the Thin Red Line, the
> dashing bravery of the Heavy Brigade and the terrible disaster which
> befell the Light Brigade. This is the story of that fateful day. Using
> dramatised 'eye-witness' accounts, battle reconstructions and 3D
> computer maps this programme breaks down the acts of the celebrated
> battle at Balaclava
> Another title about this subject, not only about the battle itself but
> the whole war, is available from Direct Cinema
> Crimean War, The: A Clash of Empires
> Filmmaker: Thomas Vaughan
> A scrupulously researched, vibrant chronicle of this devastating
> conflict, detailing the long-held antagonisms that presaged wars to
> follow. With a profound eloquence and less than sanguine tone, the
> narration spoken by Ted Hallock relates the details of the war's
> episodes while capturing the spirit of these staggering events. The
> evocative music accompanies a rich display of more than 1,600
> illustrations, paintings and etchings from the period, bringing to life
> this long-ago skirmish.
> Running time: 180min(2 tapes), Year released: 1996
> With kind regards
> Peter Delin/Videolektorat
> Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
> James Scholtz schrieb:
> >
> > Hi Gang, I'm looking for a video dealing with the Crimean War and Charge of
> > the Light Brigade. Our patron thinks he saw it on the History Channel but
> > is not sure. I've done a search on google, the History Channel and PBS
> > Video - History channel has a program "The Crimean War" showing on Jan. 28,
> > 2005 7pm EST. Does anyone know of a video/DVD on this subject? And would
> > we be able to ILL/rent it - or purchase if under $75? Thanks.
> >
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