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There are a lot of them out there, both Feature films) and documentaries.
Try Icarus/First Run films. They have some. I think Berkeley has a pretty
good listing on their film/media site.

Here are some to consider:

Bosna! -- Examines the fighting in Sarajevo and the conflict between the
Serbs and the Croatians. Includes interviews with Fran┌ois Mitterrand and
'Alija Izetbegovic

Calling the Ghosts -- Women survivors of Omarska Detention Camp describe the
camp and the situation in Bosnia and Herzagovnia. Their release and recovery
process are also described

The Road to Nowhere -- This program examines these people, whose power
derives from the barrel of a gun, and the rhetoric with which they justify
themselves and motivate one another: the rhetoric of nationalism"--container

Urbicide (First Run Films)

We are all neighbors -- In a Muslim/Catholic village near Sarajevo, rumors
fly and suspicions spread. When Catholic Croats assert control, Muslim
businesses are attacked, villagers arrested and harassed, and homes
threatened. Three weeks later, neighbors who had been close friends for 50
years no longer speak to each other, and the peaceful coexistence between
Croats and Muslims disintegrates into mutual distrust and fear."--

Kosovo: of blood and history -- Using eyewitness accounts, maps, and footage
of historic events, this program examines the history behind the
long-standing conflict between Serbs and Kosovar Albanians.

Underground (Kusturica) -- A tragicomedy about love, friendship, betrayal,
manipulation and lies. Deals with the conflicts of the Yugoslav history of
the past fifty years.

Cabaret Balkan -- Various individuals cross paths in Belgrade during the
Balkan Wars in this dark comedy from Yugoslavia.

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame -- Two boyhood friends, one a Muslim, the other
a Serb, find themselves on opposing sides in the war in Bosnia.

No Man's Land -- Set during the height of the Bosnian War in 1993, a group
of Bosnian soldiers are advancing on Serb territory under the cover of a
foggy night. At daybreak, the fog lifts, and the Serbs open fire. Soon there
is only one Bosnian survivor because he was able to dive into a trench in no
man's land. He then watches as two Serbian soldiers use the body of a fallen
Bosnian to bait a land mine. He fires on them, killing one, and taking the
second hostage. Now both are alone and equally armed, so they are forced to
share a wary trust as they try to attract help from either side.

The Wounds -- Two dewey-faced, clever 16 year old boys, Pinki and Kraut, who
come of age during the war torn early 1990s in Serbia look for role models
and heroes on the TV talk show The Street Pulse (a real program in Belgrade)
where gangsters are treated as rock stars. Soon they become apprentices to
one of their local mobsters and master the use of remorseless violence to
achieve the power, wealth and fame they crave. When one boy seriously wounds
the other an unwritten rule demands that he be repaid - bullet for bullet.


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Looking for some help here.

One of our customers in our public library is looking for videos on the war
in what used to be known as Yugoslavia. He prefers video but would also
watch DVDs. The only title in our library cooperative is "While America
Watched: The Bosnia Tragedy" by ABC news. I've found titles like
"Bosnia-Children of War" and World Almanac's "Landmark War Crimes Trials -
The Bosnia War Crimes Trial." on I'm

PBS only turned up one hit and I didn't find anything on the BBC site,
either. Where else should I look? I generally purchase feature films & know
I'm missing something.

Thanks in advance!

Celeste Choate,
Head of Popular Materials
Clinton-Macomb Public Library

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