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Hi Renee,

The "Discoveries...America" series is released in a DVD+R format (or
maybe -R, I'm not sure). Industry estimates vary, but most figures I've seen
suggest that these titles play in most (80-90%) but not all DVD players.



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Subject: [Videolib] Having trouble with 2 "Discoveries... America" DVDs

> Has anyone else had to withdraw copies of DVDs in this series after they
> have circulated a few times? I am looking for information on the
> "Discoveries....America" series from Bennet-Watt HD Productions.
> The Duluth Public Library owns 3 in this series - Nevada, Washington,
> and Wyoming. We had complaints on Nevada after it circulated 7 times
> and problems withWashington, after it circulated 4 times. We can not
> get them to play on any DVD player we have tried. Wyoming has
> circulated 13 times without any problems. I am making the assumption
> that someone was able to watch the DVDs because we did not get any
> complaints until after a few circs.
> Before we try to get replacement copies or order others in this series
> I thought I would check with other libraries that might be circulating
> this series. Thanks for any information you can provide.
> Renee Zurn
> Media Librarian
> Duluth Public Library
> Duluth MN 55802
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