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The Copley Place Legal is accessible from the convention center without
going outside. Go through the Prudential mall, across the skywalk &
into Copley Place mall. Might be handy if it's nasty outside. Nasty
outside? In Boston? In January?!?!?!? ;-)


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> Mary --
> Good choice. Very reliable and varied menu; popular with
> Bostonians as well
> as visitors. However, note that there are other locations of
> this local
> chain that would be within easy walking distance of the Hynes
> Convention
> Center. It appears that the closest, at Prudential Center, is
> going to be
> closed for renovations, but the Copley Place restaurant is
> also close, and
> the Park Square location would probably be second closest.
> Info at the web
> address below:
> On the other hand, the area around the Long Wharf site is an
> interesting
> part of Boston and maybe worth the short taxi or MBTA ride.
> Enjoy!
> Best,
> Ben
> At 04:11 PM 1/3/05, you wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >I've had several people recommend Legal Seafood as the restaurant of
> >choice for good seafood in Boston. They are located at Long
> Wharf, 255
> >State St. near the New England Aquarium. You can view their menu at
> ><
d/31>. It
>appears that there is a fairly wide range of pricing, and some good
>vegetarian and vegan options, so I think I'm going to make a
>with them for Friday, Jan. 14th at 7:00 pm. If you (and spouse,
>friend, etc.) would like to join the Video Round Table for this "pay
>your own" meal we'd be delighted to have you. I'll estimate and make
>reservation this Wednesday with room for a few last minute additions,
>prompt rsvp's would be greatly appreciated...
>Thanks and hope to see you all there!
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