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Hi all, I too am interested in the D-skins. This product was being sold by
Video Store Services (Specialty Store Services) a couple of years ago. Our
library ordered some and was told that the items were "vaporware" - going to
come out but had major problems on DVDs - could be used for music CDs and
games. VSS said that they would contact me when the new, improved product
for DVDs arrived. I've not seen the D-Skins listed in their catalog -
haven't tried on their website. That being said - do they really work on
DVDs? Now to answer Deborah's question with another question... A D-Skin
can only be snapped on to one side (the play side of a disc). If your have
a double-sided disc, they won't work (or will only work on one side).
Normally, you would adhere ownership/barcode information (donut label, clear
security stipped overlay, black pen, etc.) on the label side only - the
D-Skin would be snapped on to the play side. Also, what is cost of D-Skins
and where can I purchase them? thanks. Jim Scholtz.

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I've been watching the discussion of D-Skins with great interest. Our
problem is security, not damage. We invested in an Azuradisc unit that has
made significant inroads in our replace vs repair problem, but protecting
our CDs and DVDs with cumbersome, inconvenient and space-stealing security
cases is a nightmare, and each time we are forced to purchase a new "type"
of security case, it seems to take a different access key or appliance.
This drives our circulation people nuts.

If a security sticker (of the sort people were discussing several weeks ago,
with all the inherent playback problems) were affixed to a DVD or CD and the
D-Skin were applied over it, would the vulnerability to play disruption be
lessened? Has anyone tried this?


Deborah T. Walsh
Geneva Public Library District
Geneva, IL

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