[Videolib] D-Skins and security (David Wright)

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 21:05:59 -0000 (UTC)


We are looking at a new product that would allow you to place reference
information on the center portion of the disc only. We should have this
in place for purchase within the next three weeks. We will have the
ability to custom print the labels to identify the owner of the disc,
address, barcode info, etc. I'll let the board know when these new center
guards are available.

While it doesn't have the RFID system that the larger label overlays have,
it would not interfere with the wobble many are experiencing with the 3M
security overlays. Further, it significantly strengthens the center hole
area from potential cracks and chips - a real problem many heavily used
discs are experiencing. It has a super adhesive property to it as well so
it is not something that a user could tear off. I would think that having
a label that identifies the disc as "property of" would substantially
reduce the theft issue.

The problem with the overlays is that the strips cause an imbalance in the
spin of the disc. In addition, the label overlays shrink and tug at the
edges leading to a "bow" in the disc. It's hard for the laser to read a
wobbly, imbalanced, convex disc. The metalized center hole labels
eliminate this issue while identifying and protecting the discs. If you
used these as opposed to the existing strip overlays, you could
potentially use the D-Skins to protect the play side. The D-Skins are
evenly weighted and extremely thin so weight shouldn't be an issue with
them. The real issue is cost. I think you are right to use the repair
method at this time until the cost comes down by a significant amount.

David Wright
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