[Videolib] Re: RE: D-Skins (David Wright)

Fri, 31 Dec 2004 05:36:12 -0000 (UTC)

Wew have watched with much interest, the various CD protectors available
on the market. The D-Skins do work well for new game discs, CDs and DVDs
- as you leave them on the disc. However, once the D-Skin gets damaged,
you have to remove and replace it. Since you have to do this every time
it gets scratched, you can see the potential cost to protect your full
collection. I think it may be more cost effective to repair those CDs
that do scratch and no longer play (most likely a much smaller portion of
your collection) versus pay to D-Skin the whole collection. We have
considered putting it in our store front of items but it seems to be an
expensive product for now.

That is the only real drawback that we can find - cost. They are pretty
expensive in providing protection of all your discs. Further, if you have
existing scratches on your discs, they will not help. Once the disc is
scratched, the only way to return it to like new condition is to have it
resurfaced. Since DVDs can be resurfaced 7 to 10 times before they become
too thin for repair, I would think it might be beneficial to repair the
discs that do scratch and wait for the prices to drop.

There has been quite a bit written about discs that are stolen. I am
wondering how you protect your investment when a user removes the D-Skin
before returning it. Do you charge them for the cost of the D-Skin? What
if it is lost or damaged?

I am very curious to see how this product develops. If the price came
down to about one-fifth of what they are priced today, I would think they
could be a cost effective advantage over repairing only those discs that
have been scratched.

David Wright
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