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Steve Brantley (
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 14:14:40 -0600

The Wireless Network at UIC (not just the library but Campus wide) uses
802.11b and 801.1x for authentication. This ensures only UI affiliated
users are able to connect. UIC has never seen the need to tier
bandwidth access but it is possible to do it with solutions like Blue

It is almost turn key to get this (deploying) done and I can get them
in touch with Omnitech who is a reseller for Bluesocket.

The way we make sure that the integrity of the network (monitor/filter
etc.,) is the same way we monitor our non-wireless network. ACCC has
tripwires that will trigger a filter to an IP/MAC/netid

This means if jbrant1 is on the wireless network with the laptop with
MAC (Media Access Control -not the Platform) address 00:30:65:NN:NN:NN
which was assigned IP, and happens to download a virus...
all the above will be filtered. This means when your laptop with the
MAC address above tries to go online it will be filtered. In addition
your netid will have diminished service until you can assure ACCC that
you have fixed the problem.

It's my opinion -if they haven't deployed- that they want something as
simple as Blue Socket... This is because if the rest of the campus
elects to go wireless rather than have to re-deploy like we did, they
will simply integrate into the Campus wide solution.


On Dec 13, 2004, at 12:21 PM, Steve Brantley wrote:

> Francis or Ellen,
> Can you easily answer the questions about wireless networks listed
> below? I'd like to contribute our situation to the list.
> thanks,
> Steve
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> Subject: [Videolib] Wireless networks in libraries
>> Hi Gang, I just thought I'd put out a feeler to some libaries asking
>> if
> you
>> have a wireless network in your library for patron access and how you
> handle
>> it. For example, I've got some specific questions:
>> Do you have a two-tiered network - one for admin/staff; one for
>> in-house
>> patron use (filtered) and then another for wireless (unfiltered or
>> filtered)?
>> Do you have all staff/some staff trained in assisting patrons to setup
> their
>> wireless PCs for the network? Do you loan out equipment (laptops) to
>> patrons in-house; if so, how many units (fee/free.)
>> If unfiltered access and patrons are using their own PCs - how do you
>> deal
>> with patron's accessing objectionable (don't read pornographic,
> necessarily
>> here) sites using their own equipment, albiet in a public building?
> Anyone
>> willing to share their policy with me?
>> Any recommendations regarding equipment? Working in a concrete/steel
>> building with lots of walls/floors - probably 802.11g is best? Where
>> do
> you
>> position your sending unit(s) for optimal reception?
>> How do you handle troubleshooting? Viruses/spyware, downloaded
>> computer
>> programs, etc. - any differently from your wired network - esp.
>> because
>> these are patron's PCs?
>> Any other relevent information would be appreciated?
>> Thanks. Jim Scholtz, Library Director
>> Yankton Community Library
>> 515 Walnut St.
>> Yankton, SD 57078
>> (605) 668-5276
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