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I've been compiling a list, lately for nursing educators. Here's my list,
so far.:

Nursing Sources

Altschul Group Corporation (a.k.a. United Learning)
Channing L. Bete Co
Concept Media
Education, Training and Research Associates
Envision, Inc.
Filmakers Library
Health Edco.
Healthsoft, Inc.
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Medfilms (Canada)
Medical Audio-Visua (Canada)l
Milner Fenwick
Safety Care (Australia, Canada)
The Training Network

I have these in a table with URLs if anyone wants to ask me, off-list
I'll send it as an attachment.


At 12:20 PM 2004-12-08, wrote:
> I am looking for a list of health care, but specifically, nursing
> video and
>DVD vendors. Certain videos that are used in our nursing curriculum are
>outdated and I am looking for newer versions in certain topical areas.
>Here are some of the nursing/health care vendors that we currently deal with.
>Can you recommend any others? Also, can you suggest or should we subscribe to
>an online service like NICEM to locate media? I have access to Video Source
>Book right now.
>Nursing media vendors we have used:
>Concept Media
>Medcom Trainex
>Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
>Aquarius Health Care Videos
>Ram Ex Ars Medica
>Delmar Publishing
>Coastal Training Technologies
>Chip Taylor Communications
>United Learning
>Films for the Humanities
>Insight Media
>Any additional that you would recommend?
> Dave Ofiara
> Media Librarian
> Adirondack Community College
> Queensbury, New York
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