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Valerie Jones (
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:01:24 -0500

The Great Decisions videos are available from the Foreign Policy
Association. The website is:
I don't see the 2003 edition but perhaps if you call 1-800-628-5754,
they can tell you if it is still available. We have an instructor at
our Academy of Lifelong Learning who requests that we purchase the
newest edition every year.

Good luck,
Valerie Jones
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University of Delaware Library
Instructional Media
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Stockwell, Patricia wrote:

>Help. I have an instructor who wants the following titles. There is
>not much of a description but since I seen so many other things found.
>I thought what the hey.....
>I just need to know where I can purchase these.
>1. Great Decisions 2003, 2 videos on variety of nations/issues
>2. Afghanistan unveiled
>3. Images of India, 32 minute video
>4. Senorita Extraviada (Missing young woman) film directed by Lourdes
>5. Exploring Tibet: on roof of the world, 24 minute video
>This is all the instructor gave me. Any ideas....
>Patricia J. Stockwell
>Library Technician III / College Archivist
>Pikes Peak Community College
>5675 S. Academy Blvd. Box 7
>Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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