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Hi Joseph,
I didn't use the little rubber mat, but I did apply the overlays on a
flat surface, on a video polishing dust cloth. In addition to the
curling, sometimes I noticed small "bubbles" in the overlays even
before they were applied.

Last summer, while trying to decide whether to discontinue their use on
DVD's, I applied overlays to some DVD's, and left them off another part
of the new arrivals. I have since gotten complaints on the ones that
had the overlays, but not a word on the ones that didn't. Coincidence?
I've stopped using them for DVD's. I still use them for CD's, and
haven't gotten any complaints on the CDs.
-Jen Stutesman
Media Librarian
Walla Walla Community College

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Date: Friday, December 10, 2004 6:24 am
Subject: [Videolib] 3M DCD-2 Overlay

> Greetings,
> Like some other folks, a few months ago we were informed by our
> regional library consortium, through which we buy our security
> products, that the 3-M security overlays we use for DVDs caused
> some DVDs to warp and prevented them from playing properly. (This
> news came just months after we'd decided to retrospectively apply
> these security overlays to our entire DVD collection, purchased
> all the needed supplies, and got about a tenth of the way into the
> application process.) We're now feeling like the jury is still
> out and have discontinued use of the product. According to the
> manufacturer, the problem is not with the product but rather with
> the application of the product. The manufacturer has recently
> provided us with an "installation kit" (Pam previously mentioned
> the little rubber mat) that we are supposed to use to apply the
> overlays.
> But I'm skeptical -- For one thing, when one opens a box of these
> overlays, the plastic sheets immediately start to curl and roll
> into a tube. It's very difficult to keep the overlays flat before
> applying them to the DVD. It seems reasonable to speculate that
> this tendency to curl would continue after they're applied to the
> DVDs and therefore tension would be created. I can't help but
> wonder if this curling action is actually the cause of the
> warping, and if it is, the problem is with the product, not the
> application of it.
> My question: Has anyone who has started using the "installation
> kit" continued to have problems with DVDs after applying the
> security strip per the new instructions provided by 3-M?
> Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, and Berkeley, thanks
> for this list, it's great!
> Joseph
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