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Hi Patricia,

Afghanistan Unveiled and Senorita Extraviada are both available through
Women Make Movies. I've included their links below.

Also, Afghanistan Unveiled is also now available at a discount as part
of our BEYOND THE VEIL series on Muslim women in Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Yemen and Iran --- it's a wonderful, not to mention timely, collection.

Senorita Extraviada
Afghanistan Unveiled:

Feel free to contace me if you have any questions about the films or


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Help. I have an instructor who wants the following titles. There is
not much of a description but since I seen so many other things found.
I thought what the hey.....

I just need to know where I can purchase these.

1. Great Decisions 2003, 2 videos on variety of nations/issues 2.
Afghanistan unveiled 3. Images of India, 32 minute video 4. Senorita
Extraviada (Missing young woman) film directed by Lourdes Portillo 5.
Exploring Tibet: on roof of the world, 24 minute video

This is all the instructor gave me. Any ideas....

Patricia J. Stockwell
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