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Watson, Joseph (jwatson@middlebury.edu)
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 09:24:30 -0500

Like some other folks, a few months ago we were informed by our regional library consortium, through which we buy our security products, that the 3-M security overlays we use for DVDs caused some DVDs to warp and prevented them from playing properly. (This news came just months after we'd decided to retrospectively apply these security overlays to our entire DVD collection, purchased all the needed supplies, and got about a tenth of the way into the application process.) We're now feeling like the jury is still out and have discontinued use of the product. According to the manufacturer, the problem is not with the product but rather with the application of the product. The manufacturer has recently provided us with an "installation kit" (Pam previously mentioned the little rubber mat) that we are supposed to use to apply the overlays.

But I'm skeptical -- For one thing, when one opens a box of these overlays, the plastic sheets immediately start to curl and roll into a tube. It's very difficult to keep the overlays flat before applying them to the DVD. It seems reasonable to speculate that this tendency to curl would continue after they're applied to the DVDs and therefore tension would be created. I can't help but wonder if this curling action is actually the cause of the warping, and if it is, the problem is with the product, not the application of it.

My question: Has anyone who has started using the "installation kit" continued to have problems with DVDs after applying the security strip per the new instructions provided by 3-M?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, and Berkeley, thanks for this list, it's great!

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