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Brigid Duffy (bduffy@sfsu.edu)
Thu, 9 Dec 2004 17:30:10 -0800

This isn't strictly Videolib business, but any librarian who has
purchased a print of the "Pale Male" DVD for their collection may want
to be aware of this:

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Pale Male <palemale@speakeasy.net>
> Date: Thu Dec 9, 2004 4:23:42 PM US/Pacific
> To: <bduffy@sfsu.edu>
> Subject: Pale Male evicted!
> Dear Pale Male fan,
> I'm sorry to intrude but the urgency of the crisis is forcing me to
> call for your help.
> It is quite a tough time for Pale Male community. First, we lost
> Doctor Fisher a month before his 99th birthday. Then, not less than two
> months ago, our dear friend Charles Kennedy passed away. He died of
> complications from lymphoma. As if these losses were not enough to
> bare, on Tuesday, the management of Pale Male's building removed the
> nest!!! It is an absolute outrage. Brown Harris Stephens, the building
> owner and manager told the US Fish and Wildlife Service the nest was
> INACTIVE and got permission to remove it. But just the day before, the
> photographer Lincoln Karim witnessed Pale Male and his mate Lola doing
> their acrobatic dance right above the Model Boat Pond. As we all know,
> Pale Male is a gift from nature to all of us. He has given joy and hope
> to thousands of fans in NY and all around the country for the past
> decade. It would be a real shame to chase him out of our lives. I
> believe we must fight for him and for what he represents.
> Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the nest is federally protected.
> The US Fish and Wildlife Service can force the building to put back the
> spikes and the twigs from the nest. I believe the more people contact
> the the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the better chance we have it will
> take action.
> Dear Pale Male fan, any help, support or ideas from you would be deeply
> appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Frederic Lilien
> Director of "Pale Male"
> The person in charge at The Us Fish and Wildlife Service is Mr Lee
> Schneckenberger. His email address is: Lee_Schneckenberger@fws.go
> NYC Audubon is rallying the forces and is determined to have the
> building reinstall the nest in its original setting. If you log onto
> www.nycaudubon.org you can get information on politicians' phone
> numbers to call, along with an urgent plea from Audubon. They have set
> up a site where you can "sign" a petition by replying with your email.
> That address is http://ny.audubon.org/pale_male.htm
> To stay updated on the situation, please go to www.palemale.com

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