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Thank you so much! We have racked our brains with this one!
We are laughing because it is Six Weeks........he said there
was a Nine in the title---you can turn the 9 upside down and
make it a 6!
This listserv is the best, what would I do without you all?

Happy Holidays!
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The plot sounds like the plot for "Six Weeks" (1982), but the mother is Mary
Tyler Moore. . . she is not a blonde.

The IMDB summary reads:
"A wealthy cosemetic tycoon (Mary Tyler Moore) and her 12-year-old daughter
(Katherine Healy) who's dying from leukemia, strike up a sentimental
friendship with a California politician (Dudley Moore). Since the girl has
only six weeks or less to live, the trio fly to New York City where the
daughter skates the ice rink at Rockefeller Center, assumes the lead in The
Nutcracker ballet, and sightsees most of the city."

Could this be it?

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We have a patron who has come in a few times and keeps asking for the same
film. He said it might star a "Tall Blonde Actress"..........ok, so the plot
is about a politician who helps a girl about 12 who has cancer and wants to
dance on the stage. The Tall Blonde Actress is the mother of the girl. He
also thinks it could have the number "Nine" in the title.
We have looked everywhere for this one..........! Any help appreciated.

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