[Videolib] Re: Need to repair DVD center hole - is this possible?

Thu, 9 Dec 2004 05:26:44 -0000 (UTC)


We have been looking at a manufacturer of a product like you described.

The product is placed in the center hub area when, or preferably before,
cracks start to appear. We have seen this as a problem in some of our
repair orders and there is nothing we can presently do to fix this type of
damage. Additionally, when we make a repair to both sides of a
double-sided DVD, the identifying information is often removed. We were
looking at this as a way to identify as well as protect discs. The real
problem occurs when the cracks start to expand into the data zone of the
DVD. Once this happens, it becomes impossible to play the disc. What you
have experienced is similar to this in that the center hub has cracked and
deteriorated to the point that the player can't spin the disc.

The hub area protection consists of a metallized polyester. We placed a
couple of the samples on cracked DVDs and it does offer a very strong
protection against further damage to the center of the disc. In fact, we
folded and cracked a couple discs and the hub label protection was the
only remaining thing that held the disc together! They claim the
permanent adhesive can resist heavy handling and high temperatures that
might result from the spin of the disc in a player.

If we purchased their specialized printer, they indicate we would have the
ability to reproduce identifying names, logos, addresses or telephone
numbers as well as provide bar coding to further enhance security.

We have heard from many customers regarding the discussion on the 3M
overlays and issues with play. These hub labels would provide a level of
security since they are permanent identifiers. Since they are small, it
is my understanding that they would do so without disturbing the play area
and possible warping that occurs with the 3M security tabs.
Unfortunately, don't produce a product that allows for RFI security at the

We polled some of our existing customer base and couldn't determine a high
enough demand from that sample to justify the volume/costs of the product
at that time. We were looking at a cost matrix per label of $0.35 each
for minimum orders of 100, $0.30 each for quantities of 250, 500 or 1000
and $0.25 each for orders larger than 1000. If we determined that the
demand was high enough, we would look further at offering this product.

I would be greatly interested in hearing from you and others to see if
this is something that they believe is a problem and would be interested
in this product if we offered it. Would you be interested in placing the
hub labels on all the discs? What quantity of discs would you be
interested in applying this product to?

Look forward to your response,
David Wright
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