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No, he stole the candlesticks from the bishop after he was released from prison for stealing the bread.


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They changed the loaf of bread to candlesticks in this version?
Never saw it but gee is NOTHING sacred?

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Les Miserables (1998)

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Any ideas? I can remember directors and actors, but NEVER plots.

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From: Melissa Riley
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Subject: FW: 21223016830856 movie about thief church adopted girl beomces a
mayor poklicelooking for him

Name that movie!
Patron : 21223016830856
is looking for an old american movie about man who steals silver
candlesticks from a church
The priest covers for him.
He later adopts a girl and then becoms a mayor.
A policeman looking for him- jups in tehwater out of guilt....
He thought it was called Rules of the game

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From: Melissa Riley
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To: Melissa Riley
Subject: 21223016830856 movie about thief church adopted girl beomces a
mayor poklicelooking for him
police jumps into the river because he feels guilty

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