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We started using the 3M security overlays last year on our DVDs and CDs. We have not really had any problems related to playback that I would attribute directly to the overlays. We don't use the applicator thing.

We have always had a bit of inconsistent playback problems reported with our DVDs, including prior to the use of overlays. They play fine in some players, and others won't read them at all or very intermittently. Or they won't play in a DVD player, but work fine in a PC player. This particular problem drives me (and patrons, I'm sure) nuts, but hasn't seemed to increase since using the overlays. And this is a definite minority of experience regarding the circulating DVDs.

The more frustrating concern for us is the occasional patron peeling off the overlays. Sometimes it seems to peel off surprisingly easily and the DVD disappears with the overlay found intact in the trash can, while other times a huge mess is created and the DVD is ruined. But I guess it is pretty impossible to escape from this altogether, regardless of media format or security system if you shelve in open stacks as we do.

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Does anyone have any experience with the 3M security overlays for
DVDs? After using them for a new opening collection, we contacted 3M about
a high rate of discs that would not play. They acknowledged a problem with
application that can be avoided by using their application kit. The discs
that would not play, or kept freezing, were slightly warped when the
overlays were applied. So, we received instructions on removing the
overlays and re-applying using these kits. The kit consists of a rubber
mat that guides the user in keeping the disc flat to prevent this
warping. What a nightmare! We are currently trying to find out which of
our hundreds of DVDs are affected in this way, and whether it is cost
effective to try to fix them. Anyone else experience this?

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