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At Otis we use security labels from ,
item #30-820 . I've never compared them to the 3M ones (the decision to
use them was made before I was here, and the 3M ones are more expensive
than what I would want to experiment with), but they seem to work well, at
least for us. They aren't as reliable as we would like at times when it
comes to tripping off the gates, but I have no idea how it compares to the
3M ones (and we don't find the system to be all that reliable in the first
place, for any media, but that's our experience, these strips seem to be
similarly reliable as compared to the video strips from 3M). I don't think
I've ever seen a case of a playback problem with those overlays, the only
problems we've had have been related to scratches and similar situations.

It also helps that they are considerably cheaper than the 3M ones. Also to
note, they can't be demagnetized (which isn't an issue for us, as we pass
all video/cd/dvd materials around the gates anyways).

Matthew Ballard
Otis College of Art and Design Library

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>Does anyone have any experience with the 3M security overlays for
>DVDs? After using them for a new opening collection, we contacted 3M
>a high rate of discs that would not play. They acknowledged a problem
>application that can be avoided by using their application kit. The
>that would not play, or kept freezing, were slightly warped when the
>overlays were applied. So, we received instructions on removing the
>overlays and re-applying using these kits. The kit consists of a rubber
>mat that guides the user in keeping the disc flat to prevent this
>warping. What a nightmare! We are currently trying to find out which
>our hundreds of DVDs are affected in this way, and whether it is cost
>effective to try to fix them. Anyone else experience this?
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