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Tue, 7 Dec 2004 02:57:09 -0000 (UTC)


I could be wrong on my cost numbers as we purchased this some time ago.
We also purchased it as part of a package with one of the machines which
may have attributed to the lower price. I beleive the Disc Check is a bit
more expensive than the Azuradisc iScann inspection machine. The Disc
Check has a better graphic interface and provides more information. Both
machines do precisely the same job - checking the disc for read errors.
The trouble with this is that you can't be sure from either scan whether
the repair is something that can be repaired.

There is some helpful information on how to determine the nature of the
damage on our website FAQ page. If you can't determine the problem from a
visual inspection, the only sure way is to attempt a repair and then test
the disc. In some cases, we are not able to see the damage until we
remove the scratches. It is only when you get a clean, "like new" play
side that you then find that the actual reflective foil area has been
disturbed. Discs that have been bent, causing a ripple or warping of the
foil layer, or jabbed by a sharp object, causing a pin-like indentation or
hole in the foil layer, have been damaged beyond repair. Fortunately,
discs are pretty tough and well protected by the fairly thick
polycarbonate surface. If they are simply scratched, we can remove the
scratches and create a new scratch-free surface. Our experience has been
that you can repeat this process as needed up to 7 to 10 times - depending
on the depth of scratches - before the disc becomes too thin to structural
withstand handling and play.

For further info on the iScann, you can look at www.Azuradisc.com or call
and speak with Debi Brady. RTI's website is www.rtico.com. In the past,
I have normally dealt with Scott Jahnke with RTI. Both are very
knowledgeable and helpful in providing pricing.

Hope this information helps,
David Wright
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