[Videolib] abc news site license agreement

Julie Dinkins (dinkins@sonoma.edu)
Mon, 6 Dec 2004 12:02:25 -0800


I recently read the thread regarding the ABC news site license
agreement. The discussion got off topic a bit, so I'm emailing for more
information. Somehow, we have managed to avoid purchasing videos from
ABC News, but it's finally happened. I really, really hate it and don't
want to do it. But, the video was purchased through our collection
development person and our technical services dept and I had no input.
I have no idea if the faculty person requesting it could have found a
comparable title elsewhere. So, we're stuck with this video. It seems
libraries have handled this by either paying up or removing the video
from circulation. Are there any other solutions? Also, does ABC send a
bill every two years?

Thanks for your input.

Julie Dinkins
Access Services Manager
Sonoma State University Library
dinkins@sonoma.edu | 707-664-4077

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