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Thank you for the very helpful reply. We had a sales rep from Recorded
Books here Friday and he said the price for the disc checker was $2495! You
only paid $1500?


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> Ellen,
> We use both the RTI Disc Check and Azuradisc iScann inspectors. Both do
> an excellent job of determining whether your disc(s) have damage issues
> and I would recommend them. The cost is another matter as they run around
> $1500. If your inventory of discs is larger and/or growing, I think they
> would be a good investment--if your budget allows. In our repair service,
> we use these scanners to determine whether a disc is actually in need of
> repair as well as a test to determine complete repair of the discs. If
> you outsource, your repair provider should NOT be charging for any disc
> that isn't repairable. That is our policy and is an alternative to
> purchasing an inspection unit if you outsource. Simply send the discs to
> your repair provider to determine the extent of the damage, allow them to
> attempt repair and test them to ensure success.
> The RTI disc repair machines are top notch. We use their EcoMaster
> machines as well as the Azuradisc One Touch Pro machines in our repair
> service. We have looked at other machines but nothing can compare to
> these two machines in speed and quality of repair. In my experience, both
> companies are good at support with Azuradisc having a slight edge in
> customer support. However, RTI has always been good at honoring
> warranties and assisting with machine issues. Unfortunately, the price
> tag on these machines (around $15,000) is out of budget for most
> libraries. I would highly recommend looking at outsourcing your repair
> needs as an alternative to purchasing one of these machines for all but
> the largest of users.
> I posted, on the VideoNews bulletin board, a free repair offer that we are
> providing during the month of December to all VideoLib members. If you
> are considering the need for disc repair services, please refer to it or
> email me for details.
> Sincerely,
> David Wright
> 303-250-8455
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