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Sun, 5 Dec 2004 23:04:30 -0000 (UTC)


We use both the RTI Disc Check and Azuradisc iScann inspectors. Both do
an excellent job of determining whether your disc(s) have damage issues
and I would recommend them. The cost is another matter as they run around
$1500. If your inventory of discs is larger and/or growing, I think they
would be a good investment--if your budget allows. In our repair service,
we use these scanners to determine whether a disc is actually in need of
repair as well as a test to determine complete repair of the discs. If
you outsource, your repair provider should NOT be charging for any disc
that isn't repairable. That is our policy and is an alternative to
purchasing an inspection unit if you outsource. Simply send the discs to
your repair provider to determine the extent of the damage, allow them to
attempt repair and test them to ensure success.

The RTI disc repair machines are top notch. We use their EcoMaster
machines as well as the Azuradisc One Touch Pro machines in our repair
service. We have looked at other machines but nothing can compare to
these two machines in speed and quality of repair. In my experience, both
companies are good at support with Azuradisc having a slight edge in
customer support. However, RTI has always been good at honoring
warranties and assisting with machine issues. Unfortunately, the price
tag on these machines (around $15,000) is out of budget for most
libraries. I would highly recommend looking at outsourcing your repair
needs as an alternative to purchasing one of these machines for all but
the largest of users.

I posted, on the VideoNews bulletin board, a free repair offer that we are
providing during the month of December to all VideoLib members. If you
are considering the need for disc repair services, please refer to it or
email me for details.

David Wright
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