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I didn't realize how many faculty and students in our Department of
Communication used the Archive until the service went to subscription.
Faculty felt strongly about subscribing to the service.

Marshall Breeding, the Library Technology Officer at Vanderbilt, was able
to tell me that over the course of a "few months," individuals that
identified themselves as from the University of Washington have created 63
accounts, with a total of 203 login sessions and performed 1,284

Faculty and students use the Archive for research and teaching. It is
used in the international media classes where the students conduct content
analyses of the database content throughout the quarter. Graduate
students use it to conduct studies related to news. Many undergraduates
show the CNN streaming video clips during class presentations.

The only "problem" that I have found is that when one tries to use boolean
operators in the simple search, an error message occurs. Going back and
removing the operators solves the problem.

So the Archive gets heavy use in the Comm department, but I'm not sure
how many others use it. I promote it in most library instruction sections
and users can find it in several places on the UW Libraries' website.

I'll be interested in hearing if it can be integrated with other searches!


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On Tue, 30 Nov 2004, Meghann R Matwichuk wrote:

> Hello all,
> A question for the collective wisdom: does anyone have any feedback on or
> experience with the Vanderbilt TV News Archive's subscription service?
> We are curious to learn how is it being used by those who've subscribed.
> Thanks in advance,
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