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We have a subscription. I have used it very little. The problem we seem to
have with it is that unless people know about it, it gets very little use.
It is not like a large aggregator of journal articles which can be accessed
now through a catalog (through the records for the journals in the database)
using Serials Solutions or other such services. Someone has to know that
the database exists, what is in it, etc., and then find it and use it.
Other than that, it seems to be working well. I am hoping that I can find
other ways of promoting it or integrating it into other searches (we are
working with the ARL group on Scholars Portal, so I may try to get it
included as a database to add to one of the federated search profiles for
Media Arts).

If you have more questions, you can respond to me directly.


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Hello all,

A question for the collective wisdom: does anyone have any feedback on or
experience with the Vanderbilt TV News Archive's subscription service?
We are curious to learn how is it being used by those who've subscribed.

Thanks in advance,

Meghann R. Matwichuk
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