Re: [Videolib] DVD percent of checkouts at Academic libraries

deg farrelly (
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 11:35:41 -0700

This is an interesting statistic. But I wonder if there are underlying
factors that contribute.

What is the makeup of the DVD collection? Mostly feature film?

Are is a comparable collection of feature films in the VHS collection?
What percentage of the circulation do they account for?

Are you still purchasing in VHS format? To what degree is the DVD
circulation an indication of currency of content?

Just a few thoughts

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> From: John Streepy <> > Reply-To: "" <> > Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 09:34:59 -0800 > To: "" <> > Subject: [Videolib] DVD percent of checkouts at Academic libraries > > just a question. Here at CWU we have a VHS collection of about 5000 > titles, and a DVD collection of about 360 titles. So far this school > year our dvds have accounted for 35 to 40% of all checkouts. (up from an > average of 25% last year) Do others with small dvd collections > (compared to their VHS collections) have this sort of of percentage > breakdown? What is the checkout percentage (roughly) between DVD and > VHS at your school?. I am just trying to see if what we are going > through here is similar to other academic libraries, as it is a good > thing to gauge against others. Just send to me, if others want to know > I'll post to the list. Thanks. > > jhs > > John H. Streepy

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