Re: [Videolib] RTI cleaner

Allison Thiessen (
Mon, 29 Nov 2004 07:36:20 -0600

Fairlie Kinnecom wrote:

> I believe there was a discussion some months ago about disk cleaners,
> but Ive forgotten what the general opinion was of the RTI cleaner,
> especially the 50-disk version. Id appreciate your evaluation, and an
> off-list reply would be fine. Thanks, Fairlie
In my opinion, the RTI disk cleaner is a waste of money. The last
library I worked at had a single disk RTI cleaner and it gave us nothing
but problems. The tubes that fed the fluid that cleans the disks into
the machine would get clogged and cleaner would spray everywhere inside
the machine and stick to the disk. RTI told us we needed the "new"
fluid. This made no difference. We tried new rollers and this made no
difference. The machine quit working after less than two years and RTI
informed us that they were no longer working with the particular machine
we had and would not give us any more assistance. It seems they were
still working out the kinks and decided to sell a few machines in the
meantime. The machine, when it worked, did not clean disks any better
than one of those little hand-held contraptions you can get for a few

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