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An excerpt of a live performance of "Victory over the Sun" is included in
the documentary, "The Avant-Garde in Russia." I recall seeing this several
times on A&E years back. Hugh Downs hosts the documentary, and it ties into
an exhibit from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The artist Kazimir Malevich designed the costumes for the original 1913
performance. The link below includes the original costume designs and a
link to clip of the modern reconstruction of the play. (Because of our
filtering software, I was unable to access the clip.)

I hope that this helps.

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Good morning,

One of our Art Department faculty members would like to purchase this at $
250.00 but has never seen it. We haven't been able to locate an
interlibrary or rental copy and wondered if anyone has seen it and can give
us an informal review?

Any comments would be welcome, thank you in advance,


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