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The advocates for charging for visual media never seem to give a good
reason why visual media is different without displaying an outdated
cultural bias toward print. I know we can show examples ad infinitum,
... so here is another one. Why not set up micropayments on paypal for
email or chat reference? How about a tip jar for the reference desk?

Gary Handman wrote:

> Huh...? if you weren't renting them out you wouldn't be collecting
> them at all? You can't be serious. As a crusty and hardline
> academic, I hesitate to shoot my mouth off on this topic (for
> once...), but I must. These are arguments and controversies that have
> been going on in libraries of all stripe for THIRTY YEARS now!
> Libraries that don't actively (and intelligently) collect videos and
> freely circulate them are simply neglecting the kinds of cognitive and
> cultural revolutions that have been shaking outside of their doors for
> the last three or four decades. Video (DVD and other electronic
> media) ain't some anomaly...they're _the_ prevailing global cultural
> currency. If we (library's) ignore this stuff, we run real risks of
> going outta business altogether.
> Now back to the ivory tower (and home to a glass of Alexander Valley
> syrah)
> At 01:00 PM 11/9/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>> The business model is already in place for media rentals; people really
>> don't seem to mind paying for this kind of access. As I said earlier,
>> if we
>> weren't renting them out, we wouldn't be collecting them at all. Is that
>> better?
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>> Well this long time Media Librarian agrees with you. I think it is
>> blackmail
>> to charge for borrowing media and not books. And I've said so many
>> times on
>> this list. The same trick was used by the School Board I used to
>> teach for.
>> When the citizens didn't pass the proposed school budget, the first to go
>> was bus transportation and school lunches and sports.
>> Jerry
>> > Sarah,
>> >
>> > I do not work at a public library, but as a patron of a public library,
>> > I'll say that I'd be really upset if my library started charging for
>> > videos. When I got my last property tax statement, I was suprised by
>> > how much of my taxes went toward our public library. That's not really
>> > a complaint, since it's such an important public service, but the point
>> > is that the use of the library is probably not free for many of your
>> > patrons. Recently, I've been using the library a lot more out of the
>> > idea that, "If I'm paying already for it, I might as well get something
>> > back." And if I'm late returning stuff, even one day, I pay a
>> fine. Of
>> > course this fee is avoidable, but having a two year old, sometimes
>> > returning things promptly is easier said than done. Then we talk about
>> > actually charging to check out a video? I'd consider it very unfair if
>> > I had to pay three times for the use of the same item. My guess is
>> that
>> > your middle class patrons would be irritated for the same reason. And
>> > your less financially comfortable patrons could find it a hardship,
>> even
>> > if it is a "small" fee.
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